Amanda Hauer

A lifelong dancer turned wellness entrepreneur, Amanda has always had a passion for movement and health. Amanda's dance background in classical ballet, modern, and Latin and ballroom lead her to discovering Pilates and all it has to offer.  Amanda first began training in Pilates as a way to enhance her dancing. She immediately discovered its life-changing benefits and embarked on her Pilates certification so that she could share her passion with others. Currently, she works with a vast array of Pilates students: dancers, athletes, pre and post natal women, clients with injuries, scoliosis, osteoporosis and other conditions, and anyone else interested in enhancing their lives through Pilates and movement. Amanda finds tremendous joy in teaching an approach that so deeply benefits the body and mind.

In addition to Pilates and dance, Amanda has studied several holistic body methods such as Alexander Technique, Gyrotonics, Feldenkrais, Body Rolling, and Fascial Stretch Therapy. 

Amanda’s passion for wellness grew after she had her son, when she decided she wanted to help people beyond just the moment aspect, and became a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Amanda loves creating a holistic and integrative approach to helping her clients achieve their ultimate wellness goals.

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Jennifer shukofsky

As a fitness enthusiast and former competitive athlete, Jennifer's passion for health and wellness is life-long. She discovered Pilates after her second pregnancy left her with compressed nerves in her back. Pilates not only rehabilitated her back and alleviated her pain, it also helped her regain core strength and discover a deeper mind-body connection. Her athletic background is evident in her style of teaching as she puts a fun, contemporary twist on classical exercises and challenges her students to reach their full potential and discover their best selves. When she isn't in the studio, you'll find Jennifer taking advantage of all Hoboken has to offer with her three little girls in tow!


Malene Schjoenning

Malene’s professional background is in dance and movement rehabilitation.

Malene performed with some of the most prestigious Danish dance companies and theaters for more than fifteen years, including The Royal Danish Theatre. In addition to her dance training, she has practiced Pilates for the past twenty years. In 2011, she was certified to teach Pilates through Balanced Body. Since then, she has taught Pilates to Broadway dancers, the employees of the Consulate General of Denmark, the Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nation and at the studios of the Pilates Anytime master teachers Leslie Powell and Peter Roël in Manhattan.

Malene teaches classical Pilates. Her aim is to build strength, flexibility and endurance in her clients, so that they are able to achieve their goals quickly. Whether her clients are seeking to recover from lower back pain, an injury or surgery, or to simply feel better, Malene’s private, individually customized programs and group classes are designed to work with what each person is comfortable with.

Malene is grateful to be part of the teaching staff at Align Pilates and Wellness, as she believes balancing movement and nutrition is one of the key foundations for a happy and healthy life. 

Tami Tonneson

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