our method

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 Our contemporary approach to Pilates takes the classical exercises of Joseph Pilates to a modernized level. By drawing on influences from dance, yoga, strength training and other methods of movement we have created a safe, highly effective workout that will strengthen, stretch and balance your whole body.

You will focus on making meaningful mind-body connections that can be applied both inside and outside of the studio, to all aspects of your life. You will strengthen your core, deepen your body awareness, and become more in tune with your true self.

With intelligently designed, spring-based resistance training, we will focus on deep muscle strengthening and development as we sculpt long, lean bodies that are  strong to the core. 

Classes for all levels

Have you been doing Pilates for years now?!  Challenge yourself in our dynamic classes filled with new moves and creative flows. Our instructors love to offer advancements to deepen your practice even further!

Are you a complete newbie to Pilates?!  Feel safe joining our classes with highly trained instructors who will offer modifications and make sure you are nailing your form and working safely through the movements!


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