a bit about this amazing form of movement...

Pilates was invented by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Joe was born in Germany in 1883. Troubled by poor health from a young age, Joe began searching for ways to strengthen his body and his mind.  He explored various sports and was travelling in England as a boxer when World War I broke out. He was detained in England at an internment camp and was given the job of orderly at a hospital for wounded soldiers.  It was there that Joe developed a series of exercises for his patients that would later flourish into this form of movement that today we call Pilates. The exercises Joe developed were safe and effective in strengthening and rehabilitating his patients, improving their balance, increasing their coordination and at the same time relieving their stress.

After the war, Joe returned to Germany but soon left on a boat for New York where he set up a studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet.  There he began working with dancers on this specialized form of movement with the notion of mind-body connectivity at its core. Joe went on to create many of the apparatus that today you find in Pilates studio, such as the reformer, the chair, the ladder barrel, and the cadillac. Joe died in 1967 but his methodology was kept alive by his students who carried on the method and taught it to others.